Through investment, LeMarqueChown Energy Trust are stakeholders in various projects involving Renewable Energy as well as various programmes for the youth to equip them with skills for a better future.

Perdekraal West Wind Farm

Paardekraal West Wind Farm

Perdekraal West Wind farm – This 140MW wind farm is developed by Genesis and currently being prepared for participation in the SA Governments RE IPP Programme. The project lies in the Kappa Valley, part of the Witzenberg Municipality, and close to the Kappa Sub Station. Genesis is working closely with a large, successful IPP to finalise the late-stage development of the project.

Genesis Infrastructure and Renewable Energy Group

Genesis Infrastructure and Renewable Energy Group (GIREG) grew out of the need to channel investment into Genesis’ various renewable Energy endeavours, and coordinate development and investment activities across the various platforms. GIREG owns controlling stakes in Genesis Eco-Energy Developments (the project development arm of the group), TouchPoint Energy (that focuses on the small-scale Embedded Generation and bi-lateral corporate PPA market), GenesisHexicon (the joint venture with Sweden’s pioneering offshore floating wind energy company) and Genesis Afrika.

Genesis Eco-Energy Developments

Genesis Eco-Energy Developments (GEED) is one of South Africa’s pioneering renewable energy companies providing project development, management and operations services across a range of renewable energy technologies. Our focus is on free fuel renewable energy (wind, solar PV, marine technologies) as well as bio-energy. Genesis consists of a team of highly experienced people who have worked locally and internationally in areas ranging from energy strategy, policy formulation, energy trading, financial services, land, agriculture and rural development, through to project design, development, management and implementation.